Monday, 26 March 2012

Pirates and Fairies Day 

Room 8 had a fabulous time on Friday, dressing up and participating in many pirate and fairy activities.

We were very worried throughout the week, because the rain wouldn't stop and the closer we got to Friday the more worried we became.  We really wanted to dress up and go on the big bus.

We were very lucky that the teachers and parents helped us to have our special day at school instead.

Here are some photos and video of what we did throughout the day... 

Here we are at Junior Jump Jam in the morning

Then there was lots of fun to be had in our school hall

Next we went to the Art Room and created pirate hats. 
We decorated our hats!

Cutting and pasting

Pasting on the 'Skull and Cross-bones'

Glitter sprinkles

Adding glue patterns

Next we made Treasure maps

Then we made fairy bread!

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