Friday, 30 March 2012

Buddy Class

Today Room 8 and Room 6 were buddies for Buddy Class. 
Room 6 are a Year 3 class and today they were the 
'Big Kids'
First we gave out the Green Certificates. Then Mrs Blau and Mrs Hook surprised us when they took us out to the sandpit.  We had a great time with Room 6, they were great buddies!!

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  1. Hi Room 8! You look like you are having a brilliant time with your big buddies in the sandpit! We love buddy time at our school too. Our buddies are always so kind and helpful, and we love sharing our work with them. Do your buddies help you with different activities at school? You are very lucky to have such a fantastic sandpit at your school. I wonder if you found any treasure after all that digging?! From Mrs Graham.