Friday, 30 March 2012

Finally, we have finished our pirate hats! 
"Ahoy me hearties!"

Buddy Class

Today Room 8 and Room 6 were buddies for Buddy Class. 
Room 6 are a Year 3 class and today they were the 
'Big Kids'
First we gave out the Green Certificates. Then Mrs Blau and Mrs Hook surprised us when they took us out to the sandpit.  We had a great time with Room 6, they were great buddies!!

Our Quadblogging buddies from Eastern Hutt School have this fantastic video on their blog. Room 8 absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing E7 

What time is it?
It's time for a shake break!

Thursday, 29 March 2012


This week in ICT we learnt how to open 'Photo Booth' take a funny photo of ourselves, copy and paste it into 'Comic Life' then add our name as the title and then we dragged a speech bubble up to our photo to add some text. It was so much fun and it kept us very busy and very quiet for the whole session!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This is one of Ronald McDonald's 
'Road Safety' messages 

Stop, look and listen before you cross the street...
Use your eyes and use your ears, before you use your feet!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Ronald McDonald 
Teaches us about road safety.

Pirates and Fairies Day 

Room 8 had a fabulous time on Friday, dressing up and participating in many pirate and fairy activities.

We were very worried throughout the week, because the rain wouldn't stop and the closer we got to Friday the more worried we became.  We really wanted to dress up and go on the big bus.

We were very lucky that the teachers and parents helped us to have our special day at school instead.

Here are some photos and video of what we did throughout the day... 

Here we are at Junior Jump Jam in the morning

Then there was lots of fun to be had in our school hall

Next we went to the Art Room and created pirate hats. 
We decorated our hats!

Cutting and pasting

Pasting on the 'Skull and Cross-bones'

Glitter sprinkles

Adding glue patterns

Next we made Treasure maps

Then we made fairy bread!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Get Well card for Maddison

Get Well Soon Maddison

Our 'Get Well' cards for Maddy

Maddison had an accident last week and we all drew her pictures and wrote a little message to let her know we were thinking of her and that we wanted her to get better soon so she could come back to school.

Pirates and Fairies Day

Pirates and Fairies Day 
Friday 23rd March

Friday the 23rd of March is Pirates and Fairies day. The Transition and Year 1 children will have the opportunity to dress-up as pirates and fairies and then travel to the Browns Bay Village Green, where they will get to enjoy all the fun activities that are set out for the day.

Room 8 are really looking forward to Pirates and Fairies Day!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Room 8's Sharing Assmbly
March 6th 

I would like to thank all the parents who were able to join us today for our sharing assembly. The children put a lot of effort into preparing and practising, ready to share their item with you.  I was so proud of them for all the effort they put into speaking, singing and dancing. All our speakers spoke with clear voices and everyone did their very best!

Didn't we do a fabulous job?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubble fun...