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Jaxin reads...
   Today, Room 8 wrote about what Greedy Cat likes...

Remember this is the start of the year and we are still learning a lot about writing.  

These are some things that we have learnt so far...

- We have to start our writing in the margin (also known as the trunk of the tree)
- We have to put a capital letter at the start of every sentence
- Capital letters can only be used at the start of a sentence, for the name of someone and/or the name of a place
- All our sentences must end with a full stop.

There is so much for us to remember and learn, and sometimes we forget, but we are only 5 and we know the more we practice the easier it is going to be to remember.

We are also learning that mistakes are great learning opportunities. If we make a mistake we can then learn how to do something the correct way or a better way.

Greedy Cat likes chocolate cake. (Clement)

Greedy Cat likes boxes and chocolate cake. (Hillary)
Greedy Cat likes chocolate cake. (Nene)
Greedy Cat likes paper (Maddison)
Greedy Cat likes bags. (Jaxin)
Greedy Cat likes chocolate cake and mice. (Tai)
Greedy Cat likes string. (Brooke)
Greedy Cat likes chocolate cake. (Charlotte)
Greedy Cat likes boxes. (Lela)
Greedy Cat likes paper. (Naomi)
Greedy Cat likes chocolate cake. (Ryleigh)

It seems very clear that the children of Room 8 know what Greedy Cat likes the best!

Chocolate cake!


  1. Thank you Mrs Blau and Room 8 for sharing your class in this way. It's lovely to be able to see what goes on all day in your room! - Jaxin's Mummy

  2. Hello Room 8. I have enjoyed exploring your class blog. Your writing about Greedy Cat is fantastic! What gorgeous Greedy Cats you all drew! I can't wait to show them to my class on Monday who are brand new to school and just beginning to learn to write stories. Our big book next week is 'What does Greedy Cat like?' so you will have to check out our blog soon to see some more Greedy Cats! If I was Greedy Cat I would like chocolate cake best too! From Mrs Graham. - http://e6superstars.blogspot.co.nz/

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work Room 8. I have enjoyed looking at the fun you have been having. I wish I could be in Room 8!
    From Mrs Johnson - Brennas Mum

  4. Wow - what clever children, and clever Mrs Blau for sharing such fabulous work! thanks so much. From Brenna's Aunty Jay xx

  5. Hello lovely people of Room 8! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful fun and learning with us. It's really special to see such a happy and fun filled class. We look forward to checking in on your blog.
    From Tyrell's Mum and Dad